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The Model Agency of Chicago helps build New Up and Coming Models Careers as well as taking experienced Models to the next level. We have our own Team of Photographers, MUA, and Hair Stylist. The Model Agency of Chicago connects our Models with gigs of all types.


All Tomorrow’s Bodypaint”

The Model Agency of Chicago "Body painting, an ancient art form" that has been modernized, is celebrated around the world. Every year, amateur and seasoned artists gather for body painting competitions and large-scale festivals to celebrate the art form and showcase new techniques.


Chicago Modeling Swimwear

The Model Agency of Chicago works closely with our Premier Host Venues to ensure that the event is not only unique, but interactive and budget minded for a strong ROI. We aim to build lasting relationships with our Host Venues. Our events are known for driving attendance and revenues all while providing an unparalleled experience for the participant and attendees.

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Up In The Air

Model Agency of Chicago and it promotional modeling customers are able to view, train, test, book and recap assignments through their very own state-of-the-art user console. So next time your organization is in need of promotional staffing agency that has the ability to do much more than just staff, they call us!

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"Dragon Lady"

While there is some overlap in the time periods, the term glamour photography did not begin to be commonly applied to such photography . The Model Agency of Chicago prides itself with the most respected erotic models in the industry.